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There’s a whole new world out there.  

Get the SUP of your style.


Reap the Benefits

Work your entire body and boost your cardiovascular health.

What's your style?

We offer a great selection to cater every need.

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We are as excited as our customers are! Order by 12 p.m. to get your product within 2 business days.

Embrace yourself

Reduce your stress levels and meditate in mother nature.

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Select the SUP of your needs by exploring our products’ descriptions. Leave shipping and tracking on us.

Premium Brands

We carefully selected SUPs from premium brands, such as Aqua Marina and Tahe.

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About Us

We are Islanders, passionate to explore Cyprus’ onshore and offshore beauties. We love exercising and enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle. The sea mesmerizes us; its tranquility, smell, the sound of the waves.

And one day, AktiScout was born. 

Akti is derived from the adjective “Active”, which is the engagement in physically energetic pursuits and the Greek word “Ακτή” where land meets the ocean. Scout originates from our desire to explore a place or an area.

Why choose AktiScout?

We are passionate about SUPs and want to share our affection with the world.

We trust our products because we tried them first.

We are happy to assist you any time.