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Meet our Balanceboards and Skimboards.

Destination Eudemonia

Customly designed in Greece only for Aktiscout!

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Balance and Skim boards are a great way of taking care of yourself!

Improve your mental health

Disconnect from all negativity and immerse yourself in the present moment. Use them out in nature!

Improve your balance and posture

Build up strength in the core, back, and shoulders – the muscles that are most responsible for good posture.

Burn calories and strengthen your core

Skimboarding requires a lot of running and jumping to build up momentum to drive your board forward. Balance boarding trains all your core muscles.

Improve your attention span and focus

To balance on the boards, you have to concentrate and react fast!


Days to enjoy your boards.

Take your board with you

Anytime, everywhere!

Skimboard at the shore in any season! Balanceboard at home or the gym, in nature – literally everywhere!

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